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Armistead Property

Armistead Property is a limited company based in Chorlton, Manchester dealing with property investments. We buy, renovate, rent and sell investment properties in South Manchester, an area we chose to invest in, in particular, after researching opportunities throughout the UK. We believe in Manchester’s potential as a growing economic strength.

We have over 100 properties, 15 employees and a network of professionals we rely on, to serve you, ranging from structural engineers and lawyers to property managers.

Our Directors

Peter Armistead is originally from Manchester. A lawyer by training, he worked in London both as a solicitor for a large law firm and at a property investment house where he was responsible for crucial property matters. He left in 2001 to pursue opportunities in real estate and APL is the result.

Deborah Ross was born in London and grew up in Canada. She is an interior designer by training and has worked on commercial, residential and marketing projects. Before forming APL, she worked extensively with property developers and ran her own design firm. See our award winning interior designer website or facebook page.