Investment Opportunity and Strategy

Investment Options

Rather than a wide range of investments, we prefer to focus on fewer opportunities to ensure that the deal is secure and maximise return on our investment. Being a specialist developer we are able to respond quickly to opportunities and to changing market conditions. This has enabled us to profit in both rising and falling markets.

Our aim is to deliver the very best deals for you to make money and to help you grow an investment property portfolio. We offer two investment options – joint ventures and buying properties from us.

Joint Venture / Loan

We source properties below market value and renovate / develop them. As property investment is a cash intensive process we are always looking for partners to either provide loans or to joint venture with us.

Buy a Property from us
We offer fully renovated properties at a true discount to market value. We aim to find fantastic deals and will guarantee that the refurbishment is done to the highest standards, which in turn leads to higher rental income. Once purchased we will manage the property as if it was one of our own, in the most professional and cost effective way. This ensures that our interests are aligned with our investors every step of the way. Every property we sell provides an instant equity profit, a monthly income stream and a long term capital growth vehicle.

We have a full time property manager and a team of highly skilled maintenance men. We provide a far better service than the traditional letting agent and heavily undercut any fees they would charge.

Achieving the
Best Returns

Armistead Property has a vast amount of general, and more importantly, area specific knowledge, experience and expertise in the property industry.

We believe the two key elements in owning rental property are to buy well (buying below market value in areas of strong demand) and to manage it very well going forwards.