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Number 198 and its twin were built in 1871 and time and a succession of landlords …

A new six-part online programme goes live this Sunday, to help current and future landlords..

handshakesuit-400x310If you time your property investment right you could potentially save thousands of pounds..


The latest data released from estate agents, haart, has shown that transactions, viewings and registrations continue to..


We live in interesting times indeed; who would have predicted at the start of 2016..


Maximum property earnings with minimum management has to be ..


Two-thirds of landlords live within ten miles of investment.


Contrary to popular belief and tradition, they are no longer the landed gentry or the rich overloading over the poor..


Surveyors have been pretty dreary in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, but ..

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The UK is currently in the depths of a housing crisis, yet the opportunities abound for the smart investor.


The rental market remains steady in the face of the various economic and political headwinds the sector has faced recently.


There were more house purchase loans to first-time buyers than to home movers for a third month …